Solutions For Your Needs & Everything In Between

We at Unity Mold place our customer’s needs as a top priority; our consistent and reliable communication allows us to work closely with our clients on a personal level. Our staff consists of experts with over 30 years of experience in many aspects of production including R&D and Prototype Production, Mold Sampling and Evaluation, Product Process Validation, First Article, Inspection and Report.
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Preliminary Engineering

Preliminary engineering draws on the seasoned expertise of our staff to lead a project into the right direction.  These projects are conceptualized with the correct approach from the ground up, and we constantly integrate our clients’ input with the valuable expertise of our engineers to create a product that meets and exceeds your expectations.


CAD Capability

We utilize the latest industry leading 3D CAD software in order to meet the highest-quality demands for your project.  Coupled with our in-house machinery, we possess the resources necessary to provide a final product.

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Mold Fabrication

We understand the process of R&D can be lengthy, and one of our assets is the ability to modify existing molds for R&D purposes in an efficient manner.  What this means for you is quick turnaround time, without any loss in quality.


Consistent Quality

Whether we are producing a simple single-cavity mold or a complex multi-cavity mold, we have the capability to produce consistent, high-quality results that meet even the stringent ANSI standards and requirements.  Our collection of in-house specialized machinery provides the resources necessary to deliver and produce projects with the highest possible standards.

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Industry Versatility

We provide specialized solutions for various industries including electrical, irrigation, and medical industries. We have experience with diverse industries due to an eclectic range of clients.

Scientific Molding

Figuring out the perfect amount of material and heat plus the pressure of the molding to achieve the perfect part. We provide multiple samples before we can start producing to the clients needs.